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discount High Voltage High Power Asynchronous Motor

'Prefabrik Firmaları Hakkında Görüş ve Öneri' forumunda xiao6xiao tarafından 17 May 2019 tarihinde açılan konu

  1. xiao6xiao

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    17 May 2019
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    Siemens High Voltage Motor
    We supply Siemens A-compact PLUS High voltage three phase asynchronous Motor. Designed for high power pump, fan and compressor applications. We are expecting become your closely partner in China.
    Siemens High Voltage Motor
    1. Product Introduction of Siemens A-compact PLUS High Voltage Motor
    Siemens A-compact PLUS high voltage and high efficiency three phase asynchronous motor with Compact and modular design. This Siemens A-compact PLUS series high voltage motor especially for desalination plants, power generation and in the water/waste water industry. These motors are cost efficient as they focus on the essential issues – but at the same time set themselves apart as a result of their high quality, reliability and very compact design.

    2. Product Parameter of Siemens A-compact PLUS High Voltage Motor
    Power range 0.28-7.5MW
    Frame Size355~630mm
    Rated speeds750-3600rpm
    Poles 2~8
    Rated Voltage2~11KV
    Type of Construction Refer to customer's request
    Protection IP23, IP24W, IP55
    Cooling typeIC611, IC81W, IC01
    Insulation SystemMICALASTIC VPI
    Altitude Not exceed 1000m above sea-level
    Permitted air temperature -20℃~40℃ (IEC60034-1)
    Permitted relative humidity-20℃≤T≤20℃:100%

    3.Product Feature and Application of Siemens A-compact PLUS High Voltage Motor
    ◊ Features
    Focused on features essential for high-power pumps, fans and compressors.
    Rugged design, low-wear materials and the well-proven MICALASTIC® insulation system.
    Extremely compact design.
    High-quality coating-systems.
    Flexible regarding number of poles, voltage and cooling concept.
    Reliable and long service live.
    High availability even under rough environment conditions.
    High reliability and low costs over the whole lifecycle.
    ◊ Applications
    Oil &gas, chemical and petrochemical, cement, power generation, marine, metals industry.
    4. Production Details of Siemens A-compact PLUS High Voltage Motor

    5.Product qualification of Siemens A-compact PLUS High Voltage Motor
    Delivery, Shipping and Serving of Siemens A-compact PLUS High Voltage Motor
    Delivery time: about 60 working days after get the deposit payment.
    Good after-sale service:
    Warranty: 12 months from date of delivery.
    During the guarantee period, free technical and maintenance service due to the quality problem.
    Due to incorrect operation , unauthorized repair etc. and exceed expiration, the maintenance cost will be charged.

    7. FAQ
    What is your MOQ of this item?
    A: 1Unit.
    What's your payment term?
    A: T/T, Western Union, PayPal (30% deposits, 70% balance before delivery), 100% irrevocable L/C at sight.
    Do you offer OEM service?
    We accept customized products as per your special requirement.
    Q: What certificates do you have?
    A: Acceptance test certificate (100% testing after each process and final testing before packing).discount High Voltage High Power Asynchronous Motor

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